Superior Quality, High performing Diamond tools.

When searching for  new diamond blades you know what you’re looking for: high quality, long lasting equipment, that helps you get the job done right.

The process of getting these tools should be simple. However, sometimes it seems close to impossible to get the information you need about products, and then can be even more difficult to get them into your hands.

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We’re here to shake up the Diamond tooling industry

That’s where Carbon Diamond Abrasives comes in. We’ve set out to develop the best diamond tool blades on the market with our forward thinking, innovative designs. We’re doing just that by building a company that not just about creating highest quality diamond tools, but by creating an inclusive dialogue with the people who use them.

From our core drilling equipment to our wide range of diamond blades, we have worked alongside some of the brightest minds across the concrete and stone cutting industries to find the best way to deliver the information you want, the products you need, and an online store for you to get those products to your doorstep.


With Carbon Diamond Abrasives, there’s no need to download a catalogue, contact your local rep, or head to your local tool supply shop.

Part of our innovation is bringing you an online shopping experience that you won’t always get with others in diamond tooling. Our fully integrated online store contains all the diamond tools you’ll need including a wide range of diamond blades, grinding and polishing equipment, and diamond tool accessories.

Created with industry professionals like you in mind (and with plenty of feedback as well), it’s easy to shop. Simple to pay. And quick to ship. This means you getting the tools you need when you need them.

If you’re ready to experience the future of diamond tooling shop our range of quality diamond blades or contact the team at Carbon Diamond Abrasives today:

  • Professional Series
  • Premium Series
  • Trade Series
  • Specialised Products

This range is designed for the professional contractor using high powered petrol and electric saws, mounted core drills and high HP floor and wall saws tackling the most tough conditions on a constant basis.

16" CDA Professional Series Handsaw Blade 3mm

14" CDA Professional Series Handsaw Blade 3mm

9" CDA Abrasive Brick Segmented Blade

9" CDA Segmented Blade General Purpose

6" CDA Professional Series Early Entry Blade

5" CDA V-Segment Crack Chasing Blade

This range is designed for the general contractor using a range of cutting equipment such as brick saws, hand held core drills and small walk behind low HP saws on a regular basis.

20" CDA Combination Premium Series SILENT Blade 3.6mm

16" CDA Combination Premium Series SILENT Blade 3.2mm

14" CDA Combination Premium Series SILENT Blade 3.2mm

18" CDA Asphalt Premium Series Blade 3.6mm

16" CDA Asphalt Premium Series Blade 3.2mm

14" CDA Asphalt Premium Series Blade 3.2mm

This range is a great option for contractors and tradesmen using low HP bricksaws and small HP walk behind floor saws on a rare basis.

16" CDA Combination Trade Series Blade 3.2mm

16" CDA Concrete Trade Series Blade 3.2mm

14" CDA Combination Trade Series Blade 3.2mm

14" CDA Concrete Trade Series Blade 3.2mm

This range is formed of specific specialized products unique to Carbon and our customers feedback and demands ranging from flush cutting blades, lippage discs and flap discs for the ceramic industry, to specialised diamond wire designed for the concrete industry.

5" Electroplated Flush Cutting Blade M14

5" Turbo Flush Cutting Blade M14

5" Turbo Segmented Flush Cutting Blade M14

14" CDA Professional Series Rescue Blade

5" CDA V-Segment Crack Chasing Blade

4" CDA V-Segment Crack Chasing Blade


All our tools are produced with the most advanced manufacturing processes available, and our abrasive materials include the highest-grade synthetic diamonds and metal bonding powders available in the industry. Producing diamond blades that are built to last through the toughest jobs and give you a long lasting product.


When it comes to the production of our diamond tools, we make sure that they are as easy to use, but as technologically advanced as possible. All of our products, from our cut-quick saw blades to our diamond core bits are imbedded with our multilayered dry diamond dispersion technology, which creates diamond blades that have consistent and precise cutting


All of our products have truly unique diamond segments as part of their design, and that’s something you won’t find with other companies. This innovative design means that your tools will withstand the most extreme conditions.

How to get the most life out of your CDA Diamond Blade:

While we have put hundreds of ours of R&D into creating some of the best blades on the market, it’s still important to take care of your purchase to ensure you get the most life from it. Premature wear and damage can occur for a variety of reasons including misuse of saw, incorrect storage, and choosing the wrong blade for the application and more

We want you to get the most from our products, so here are a few helpful tips to ensure you get the most from our diamond tools: 

This should be a no brainer, but make sure that the blade you purchase will work with the product you are working with. Concrete, granite and harder more dense materials need a softer bond. While softer products like limestone or asphalt use a harder bond. 

Ensure your blade fits securely to the saw shaft and is secured tightly with the saw flange. If the saw is not mounted securely, a bush or mounting accessory may be required. 

By choosing the correct bond for the application, the diamond too should be doing the work, while the operator is there to gently guide the saw. Each blade we make is designed to perform the job you are taking on, so rushing it will mean replacing your blade more frequently. 

Cutting concrete is just as hard on you as it is on your blades. When doing anything from tile cutting to more abrasive materials make sure you give the diamond blade a bit of time to cool down after a few cuts.

At the end of a long day, all you want to do is throw your tools in the back of your ute and head home. However proper tool storage is essential to extending the life of your blades. It may mean taking a bit more time to head home, but it will save your blades from needing to be replaced or losing tension. 

Carbon diamond abrasives not only believes that we make the best diamond blades on the market, but we believe in our customers having the information they need to get the most out of our tools. 

If you want to know more, or have any questions, comments or suggestions contact us today and one the owners will be happy to discuss why you should choose Carbon Diamond Abrasives for your diamond blade needs.


Carbon Diamond Abrasives is a committed team of experienced  Diamond Tools Specialists who have a collective vision of making higher quality diamond products for our industry. 

We’re here to shake things up and innovate the future of diamond tooling.

Our products are the result of hundreds of hours of R&D and time spent working and speaking with industry professionals that incorporate diamond tools into their professions. We worked alongside contractors, stone masons, builders and mining executives, and took their feedback to create a range of diamond tool products that are of superior quality, high performance, and durability.

We didn’t get in to this industry because it’s easy work. We’ve set out to become leaders in innovation through constant R&D and ensuring that our customers play an integral role in our journey. So, whether you want to pop in to our office for a chat or set up a call, our open-door policy means you’ll always be chatting with one of the owners, who encourage and take feedback from all customers seriously.

Carbon Diamond Abrasives is proudly Australian owned and operated.