Carbon Elite Protect 200L



Elite Protect is a professional grade solvent-based 100% impregnating sealer developed in conjunction with LITHOFIN AG and specifically designed for mechanically polished concrete surfaces as an integral part of the Carbon EliteFloor System. Elite Protect penetrates into the surface and coats the capillaries with a microfilm resistant to water, oil and grease leaving them on the surface for removal (12-36 hours on polished surfaces dependant of product absorption)  The appearance of the polished surface is not affected with application and water absorption is greatly reduced. UV Resistant and easy to apply, Elite Protect is suitable for both internal and external concrete, marble, granite and various stone surfaces. 


• 100% Penetrative

• UV Resistant (Does not yellow)

• Ultra-fast drying time

• Dramatically reduces stain absorption

• Increases life of polished concrete surfaces by simplifying maintenance and cleaning

• Food Grade safe once cured


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