Lavina L32E Planetary Grinder & Polisher


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Lavina L32E Planetary Grinder & Polisher


Horsepower: 20HP / 15KW

Voltage: 3 phase x 200-240V, 60 Amp max

Also in High Voltage: 3 phase, 440-480V, 32 Amp

European model: L3213EUB – 3 phase, 380-400V, 32 Amp

Weight: 1455 lbs / 660 kg

Grinding pressure: 540-870 lbs / 245-395 kg

Integrated weights with 4 positions

Heads: 3 x 13.2-inch/335-mm, 400-650 rpm

Also, offered with 3×9-inch/225-mm heads

3rd wheel is included.

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