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At Carbon Diamond Abrasives, we’ve set out to develop the highest quality diamond tools on the market, and with that goal approach everything we do by being innovative and forward thinking.

Part of our innovation is bringing customer’s an online experience that they can’t get with others in our industry, by providing you with a fully integrated online store.

With Carbon, there’s no need to download a catalogue or search endlessly on Google. Our online store contains all the diamond tools, machinery & associated products you’ll need to get your job done.

Created with contractors in mind (and with plenty of feedback from them as well), it’s easy to shop. Simple to pay. And quick to ship. This means you getting the tools you need when you need them.


At Carbon, we know the difficulty that can come with finding high quality tools that will last. Which is why when we started producing diamond tools, our team went all in on design, quality, and R&D. We get our hands dirty using the very diamond tools we produce, which has created a diamond tool company that encompasses the following.

Everyone single diamond tool we’ve manufactured has been constructed with the most up to date technologies available in our industry, and with feedback from fellow industry professionals. This formula has provided us with diamond products that are truly the best out there.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours on R&D over 10+ years.  Everything from our diamond saw blades to our core bit drill sets have gone through extensive quality control test both in our factories and in the field, to ensure that they are built to take on the toughest jobs.

When customers contact Carbon, it will be the owners who answer the phone. We take all questions and feedback seriously and use this information to assist in future product innovation.

  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Specialised

65mm CDA Corebit

200mm CDA Corebit

Shibuya 2231 drill motor and stand

16# (L-type) HARD BOND, Quick change grinding shoe

5” Turbo coarse cup wheel

30/40# 3 arrow segmented plug

3” 100# wet/dry nato pad

9” wet/dry resin pads

9” 800# v-harr polishing pad

5” turbo flush cutting blade

5 piece dry core drill set

5” CDA v-Segment Crack Chasing Blade

5” Vacuum Brazed Lippage Disc

5” Electroplated Flush Cutting Blade

Professional Series Diamond Wire


Carbon Diamond Abrasives is a committed team of experienced Concrete Polishers, Concrete Cutters and Diamond Tools Specialists who share a collective vision of making higher quality diamond products for our industry. 

We’re here to shake things up and innovate the future of diamond tooling.

Carbon Diamond Abrasives products are the result of hundreds of hours of R&D and time spent working and speaking with industry professionals that incorporate diamond tools into their professions. We worked alongside contractors, stone masons, builders and mining executives, and took their feedback to create a range of diamond tool products that are of superior quality, high performance, and durability.

We didn’t get in to this industry because it’s easy work. We’ve set out to become leaders in innovation through constant R&D and ensuring that our customers play an integral role in our journey. So, whether you want to pop in to our office for a chat or set up a call, our open-door policy means you’ll always be chatting with one of the owners, who encourage and take feedback from all customers seriously.

Carbon Diamond Abrasives is proudly Australian owned and operated.