Carbon Elite Clean-ULTRA 1L



Carbon Elite Clean – ULTRA cleans floors by cutting through dirt, grime and residue through reactive Nano-Lithium® technology and is an integral part of the Carbon Elite Floor Maintenance System. This cleaner also hardens, protects and restores gloss and durability to the cleaned surface. Adding Elite Clean – ULTRA to your floor care program increases the floor’s longevity, reducing maintenance and costly repairs. This product is ideal for cleaning domestic, commercial, retail, industrial and all heavily trafficked polished concrete surfaces. Additionally, it enhances and restores dulled floors, setting it apart from conventional cleaners.

Carbon Elite Clean – ULTRA helps prevent marking, scuffing, and scratching if used on a regular basis, reducing the frequency of routine buffing and burnishing. It also extends the intervals between deep cleaning or restoration processes.

*Designed for machine cleaning and floor restoration


• Easily removes dirt and other surface soils

• Reduces the need for periodic buffing or burnishing

• Helps resist scuffing, scratching, and water spots

• Amplifies overall gloss and clarity with Nano-Lithium® technology

• Leaves no residue that will dull or damage a floor or finish


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