What is Pro-x?

Elite performance when it counts.

The PRO-X range utilizes the highest level of technology and the strictest R&D processes which allow Carbon Diamond Abrasives to create products that will deliver an elite level of performance and reliability that give the contractor complete confidence in the most unforgiving applications.

These rigorous processes allow us to consistently deliver you diamond products, with the highest expectation on the market.

Pro-X Technology

With PRO-X, the team at CDA are working with calculated array technology and systemised shape design so we can optimize performance by being able to disburse our diamonds wherever we need them amongst a precise segment design. This combined with the plethora of engineered product dynamics specifically designed for each individual application. This allows us to deliver exactly what you need while you’re on the job, which is total confidence, backed by results.

Pro-X Performance

Optimised arrayed segments are free from diamond clumping, ensuring all the diamonds are being used with maximum effectiveness. Consistent and ever dependable cutting quality is what PRO-X & ARIX Technology provides that other conventional non-arrayed blades simply cannot.

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