Carbon Elite Guard 5L




Elite Guard is an easy to apply, high-gloss, stain and wear-resistant sealer that improves the shine, hardness and chemical resistance of concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, masonry, and other surfaces.

Elite Guard is water-based, lithium-fortified, and dries quickly to a clear, extremely hard micro-coating that bonds and reacts with the substrate. Formulated using reactive silicon hybrid polymer technology for rapid shine development and excellent wear properties, this treatment replaces floor waxes and conventional resin-based coatings.

Because of its unique chemistry, Elite guard will not lift or peel from the surface,

and periodic recoating requires no stripping. Elite Guard is non-toxic, non-hazardous,

and VOC compliant in all areas of the world.

This treatment can be used in conjunction with a high-speed burnisher to provide superior clarity and improved stain resistance. It will enhance the appearance and extend the longevity of polished, integrally coloured, dyed, and stained concrete.


• Prolongs shine of polished concrete

• Delivers rapid gloss with increased abrasion and stain resistance

• Resists dirt and contaminants from penetrating

• User friendly, dries in minutes with low odour

• Forms a protective microfilm that is breathable, hard, and will not peel or flake

• Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs

• Re-application is simple and requires no stripping

• Safe for food contact areas

• VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)

Additional information

Weight5.099997 kg
Dimensions20 × 18 × 28 cm

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