Carbon Elite Cut 20L



Carbon Elite Cut 20L


Elite Cut is a next-generation, concentrated performance additive designed to substantially increase concrete grinding, drilling and cutting speed while lengthening diamond tool life.

Elite Cut radically improves diamond tool effectiveness and lifespan, while lowering tool wear, reducing segment loss and tool failure during application.


• Part of the Carbon EliteFloor System

• Exploits a physical property called the Rebinder Effect, softening the substrate ahead of the tool.

• Maximizes effective torque at the tool–surface interface while reducing machine torque and tool vibration.

• Enables greater increase in penetration speed with increased cutting speeds and pressure.

• With pressure and heat, the additive forms a protective coating around each exposed diamond which minimizes diamond wear and retains sharpness.

• Preferentially fills micro fractures in diamonds as they occur during use, reducing hydraulic pressure inside the cracks and slowing disintegration of the diamonds.

Weight20 kg
Dimensions27 × 27 × 36 cm


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