Carbon Elite Fill [TGS] Trowel Grout System


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Carbon Elite Fill [TGS] Trowel Grout System


Elite Fill is a concentrated acrylic liquid pore and micro-crack filler for concrete grinding and polishing which is an integral part of the Carbon EliteFloor System. The final result creates smoother surfaces with less imperfections. This reactive treatment mixes with dust or cementitious blend during concrete grinding/polishing processes to fill pinholes, micro cracks, aggregate pop outs, and

other imperfections in the concrete surface. It cures into a durable surface that will accept

stains, dyes and hardeners.


• Fills micro crack and pinhole imperfections during grinding operations

• Can be used in either a trowel grout or machine grout EliteFloor system

• Helps to create a seamless polished surface

• Concentrated formula for multiple applications

• Improved Flexure and tensile strength of cementitious grout

• VOC Compliant

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Weight20.7 kg
Dimensions27 × 27 × 36 cm

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