Carbon Elite Hard-ULTRA (Lithium) 10L




Carbon Elite Hard-ULTRA is an extremely easy to use Nano-Lithium® densifier specifically designed for concrete polishing and is an integral part of the Carbon EliteFloor System. 

Applied during the polishing process, this impregnating hardener

improves the final appearance by creating a significantly harder surface that allows abrasive tooling to work more effectively to achieve a superior polish.

Carbon Elite-Hard ULTRA increases gloss and clarity, improves overall abrasion resistance and reduces dusting. Carbon Elite-Hard ULTRA is a simple, one-coat application with no brooming or rinsing required during application. It is easy to apply and will not skin, film, discolour, or leave white blemishes.

This lithium-based solution is VOC compliant.


• Part of the Carbon EliteFloor System

• Extremely simple application

• Hardens concrete and terrazzo for polishing

• Allows abrasive tooling to work more effectively

• Improves abrasion resistance and reduces dusting

• Preserves the natural look of the surface

• VOC compliant

Weight11 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 30 cm


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